Hello and welcome, my name is Albert (Aka Fringer Cat), and along with radio, music and my job as sound engineer, photography is my other hobby. In this site, and following the galleries links at the top bar menu, you can see some of my works divided in several thematic galleries.

   As you will see my style is fairly eclectic and, except for the above thematic division in galleries, the pics in this site are mixed randomly without any order, film or digital, and from my beginnings at the end of the seventies till today.

   There is also a special gallery (Music & Photo) with pics of me and other people that shows how music and photography can be related.

   For any question or comment you can reach me at:




El Rastro (Flea Market), Madrid, Spain -1987

Pentax LX + Vivitar Sries II 28-105 mm. / Ektachrome 400

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